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The American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) is making available on the Internet a series of papers on basic science/faith themes designed for the lay reader and students. These are meant to provide material relating aspects of science to the Christian faith to a broad audience. These articles are not meant to be just for scholars but for students, teachers, church leaders, and others who may be interested in these faith/science questions. In general, these articles further the aims of the ASA to educate readers in science and how to think Christianly about science. The ASA does have a Statement of Belief, but does not have official detailed positions on issues that have been controversial among Christians, and its membership holds a variety of viewpoints.

Some of these articles are reprints of already published materials--some of them have been written especially for this electronic resource. The ASA will continue its efforts to provide electronic versions of some articles from Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith., the official journal of the ASA.

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Topic Collections feature papers from Perspective on Science and Christian Faith and other sources on themes important to the discussion of  Christianity and science.

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The electronic version was created especially for the ASA website. ©1987 by Daniel E. Wonderly.
This work is an attempt to enlist creationists in a serious study of the actual characteristics of the earth's sedimentary strata. Creationist organizations are emphasizing some important truths about creation, but they have neglected the data of earth-science research to such an extend that disgrace has now descended upon the doctrine of biblical creation throughout the nation. In this carefully documented book the author encourages evangelical Christians to take an interest in the real data of earth science, and shows them how they can use such information to alleviate this problem.

Written especially for the ASA website ©1997 by the American Scientific Affiliation
An urgent appeal for humility in addressing the questions of the age of the earth and related issues
From the mission field to pastors and leaders of the sending churches, especially in North America!

Written for the ASA Newsletter and website ©1997 by the American Scientific Affiliation

Written especially for the ASA website ©1994, 2002 by the American Scientific Affiliation. This has been recently updated and is now available on the ASA web site. This article was originally published on the ASA web site in 1994 and has been downloaded over 50,000 times since then leading all other articles on our site. It is also available for the first time in PDF format--follow the link above to get to the PDF version.

Written especially for the ASA website ©1997 by the American Scientific Affiliation

A classic from the Christians in Science web site

From Christian Scholar's Review XXIV:4, 380-396 (May, 1995)

From Contra Mundum No. 7 Spring 1993. Copyright © 1993 Jerry Bergman. Used by permission.

A table based on the analysis given in Putting it All Together by Dr. Richard H. Bube, University Press of America (1995)

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