Annual Meeting of the
American Scientific Affiliation

Westmont College Santa Barbara, California
August 1-4, 1997

The American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) will meet for its annual conference at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA from Friday, August 1 to Monday, August 4. This year's theme is "Creation's Testimony in Natural History." Meeting highlights include a day-long "seashore to mountain top" field trip on Friday and special plenary lectures by Drs. Dawn Wright, Hugh Ross, and John Suppe. Dr. Wright, an Assistant Professor of Geoscience at Oregon State University, will reflect on her experience in ocean-floor exploration. Dr. Ross is an astrophysicist and director of Reasons To Believe, an organization relating natural science to intelligent design. He will make the banquet presentation which will be followed by a panel discussing evidence for design in nature. Dr. Suppe, a Professor of Geoscience at Princeton University and a member of the National Academy of Science, will speak on the future of connections between science and theology. The remainder of the conference schedule will consist of oral and poster presentations from a variety of perspectives and symposia emphasizing theological issues and science education.

The ASA is a membership of natural and social scientists, theologians, students and associates who are concerned about the relationship between science and the Christian faith. To learn more about the ASA or this conference, write: ASA, P.O. Box 668, Ipswich, MA 01938-0668; call: 508-356-5656; fax: 508-356-4375; E-mail:; or visit our website: