Call for Papers and Program Proposals

The 55th Annual Meeting

Of the

American Scientific Affiliation

With the

Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation

August 4-7, 2000
Gordon College
Wenham, MA

Richard T. Wright (ASA) and Harry Cook (CSCA)
Program Co-Chairs


The Oceans
Bearing Witness to the Greatness and
Wonder of God's Works


Plenary Speakers

Ray Gambell, OBE
Secretary, International Whaling Commission
Cambridge, UK


Susan Drake Emmerich, Director
Tangier Watermenís Stewardship for the Chesapeake
Salisbury, MD


American Scientific Affiliation
PO Box 668,
Ipswich, MA 01938 USA

Phone: 978-356-5656
Fax: 978-356-4375


TO: All ASA/CSCA Members and Colleagues

Be sure to put the ASA/CSCA Annual Meeting (August 4-7, 2000) on your calendar now! We welcome contributed papers and poster presentations on all topics related to Science and Christianity, with special consideration given to those that focus on marine environments and resources. Please observe the Requirements and Guidelines for Abstracts presented below. If you have a proposal for a symposium or group of papers, please contact one of the Program Chairs ( or

This Call for Papers is designed to be copied and posted. Besides planning your own participation, please personally invite non-members to submit proposals and to attend.

Requirements and Guidelines for Abstracts:

1. Contributions must be submitted as abstracts of 200 - 250 words to the ASA office for review by January 10, 2000.

a. The abstract should emphasize what is the new and important materialin your presentation and contain as much detail of the work as possible.

2. Authorís (or authorsí) full name, address, phone number and e-mail address should appear with the title centered at the top of the page. Indicate preferred mode of presentation: oral or poster.

3. Due to schedule limitations, authors may present only one paper, but they can be included on other multiple-author papers.

4. Please send abstract via e-mail to: or a disk copy preferably as a WordPerfect text) file named ABSTRACT.WPD or ABSTRACT.TXT, formatted on an IBM disk using the wrap method to: ASA, PO Box 668, Ipswich, MA 01938-0668.

5. Contributed oral papers will be accorded a time slot of 20 minutes, and 5 minutes for discussion.

6. A separate time and space has been set aside for the poster paper session.

7. Authors of poster exhibits will be supplied with detailed instructions upon acceptance of their abstract.

8. To be included in the final program, presenters must register for the meeting when they receive the Registration Brochure.

Please mail your completed form along with your abstract to:

American Scientific Affiliation, PO Box 668, Ipswich, MA 01938-0668






(Title)     (First)     (Middle)     (Last)



I can be reached by phone: During office hours ( )

During evenings and weekends ( )

E-mail address:___________________________________

(Please print clearly)

Proposed Title or Topic:______________________________

(Please Print)

Preferred mode of presentation: Platform paper ( ) or
                                                                Poster ( )


Special Audio Visual Equipment: _____________________

An overhead and slide projector will be provided!

Please include your abstract as per instructions found under Requirements and Guidelines for Abstracts.


Carol Aiken, Executive Assistant
P O Box 668, Ipswich, MA 01938