American Scientific Affiliation
1998 Annual Meeting


August 2-5, 1998

An International Conference to be held in Cambridge, England at Churchill College.

This conference is being organized jointly by Christians in Science and the American Scientific Affiliation.

Tentative List of Presenters (as of 6-9-98)  

The Problem of Poop And Other Unnecessary Creation Concerns
Paul Adams
Biology Department
University of Michigan-Flint  

Synthesizing Biological and Social Science Explanations
Jack Balswick
Professor of Sociology and Family Development
Fuller Theological Seminary  

God and 'nature'
Oliver Barclay

Attitudes Toward Health, Medical Ethics and Religion Among Health Care Workers in Russia: a Case Study
David S. Barnes
Professor of Biology
Roberts Wesleyan College  

The Subject-Object Relationship in Theology and Physics: A Contribution to the debate as to whether Theology is a Science
Dr Richard H. Bell
Department of Theology
University of Nottingham  

Creation Declares The Glory of God
Dr Rod Benson
School of Biological Sciences

The Fall - Fact, Fantasy
Sam Berry
University College, London  

The Christian University in the Next Millennium: Reclaiming a Voice in the Natural Sciences
John A. Bloom
Dept. of Physical Sciences
Biola University  

Some Psychological Constructs Applied To Beliefs in Origins
Harold R. Booher
Baltimore, MD  

Ewe, Me and God - A Christian View on Cloning from Edinburgh
Dr Donald M. Bruce
Director of the Society, Religion and Technology Project
Church of Scotland  

Laboratory Discovery Approach for Non-Science Majors in a Human Biology Course
Russ Camp
Gordon College  

Burhoe's Prophecy and Epic Priestcraft: An Imminent Fulfillment?
Kenneth N. Carter, Jr.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Truman State University  

The Human Genome Project: Tool of Atheist Reductionism or Embodiment of the Christian Mandate to Heal?
Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.
National Human Genome Research Institute  

A Persistent View: Neo-Lamarckian Thought In Early Evolutionary Theories and
in Modern Biology
H. Cook and H. D. Bestman
The King's University College  

Supernatural Agency and the Modern Scientific Method
Michael A. Corey

Intelligent Design and Theistic Naturalism
Edward Crowell
Department of Medicine
Robert C. Byrd HSC  

Science and Development in Developing Countries: Western Modus Operandi and Christian Involvement
Kenneth Dormer
Professor of Physiology
University of Oklahoma HSC
George Kinoti, Director
African Institute for Scientific Research and Development, Kenya  

Forgotten Biologist and Darwin Supporter Rev. William H. Dallinger's 1879 Rede Lecture At Cambridge University: "The Origin of Life Illustrated by the Life-Histories of the Least and
Lowest Organisms in Nature"
J. W. Haas, Jr.
Professor of Chemistry
Gordon College  

A Christian Perspective on Biological Reductionism
Gerald D. Hess
Department of Natural Sciences
Messiah College  

Science and the Urban African-American Church: Developing a Dialogue
Nancy Hopkins
Department of Chemistry
Rutgers University  

Caring for the Earth: a challenge to scientists and Christians
John Houghton
Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution  

The number of people in the Exodus from Egypt: decoding mathematically the very large numbers in Numbers chapters 1 and 26
Colin J. Humphreys
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
University of Cambridge  

The Human Embryo: The Time has come to Reassess Theological Approaches in the Light of Scientific Developments
Gareth Jones
Dept. of Anatomy and Structural Biology
University of Otago  

The Tradition of Natural Theology: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something True?
Mark A. Kalthoff
Hillsdale College  

Copernicus and Martin Luther: An Encounter Between Science and Religion
Donald H. Kobe
Department of Physics
University of North Texas  

Teleological Realism: A Third Way
Rob Koons
Department of Philosophy
University of Texas -- Austin  

Evangelicals Inheriting the Wind: The Phillip E. Johnson Phenomenon
Denis O. Lamoureux
St. Joseph's College
University of Alberta  

On Being Christian In Science
Arie Leegwater
Calvin College
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry  

Providing an Opportunity to Integrate Science and Christianity On Starting a Science and Christianity Forum for College Students
Richard A. Leo, Dept of Physics; and Stephen P. Jenkins, Dept. of Biology
Grove City College  

Darwinism and Calvinism: A tale of three cities
David Livingston

Sedgwick and the Scriptural Geologists
Paul Marston

Leave Darwinism to the Scientists
John A. McIntyre
Physics Department
Texas A&M University  

Disease and Dying in the Fossil Record: Implications for Christian Theology
Clarence Menninga
Calvin College  

Wilderness and Garden
William B Monsma
The MacLaurin Institute  

Faith and Reason and the Warning of Planetary Crises
Stanley Moore
Pepperdine University  

Richard Swinburne's Popular Apologetic
Terry G. Pence
Professor of Philosophy
Northern Kentucky University  

Explaining or Explaining Away? The Concept of Explanation in the Science and Religion Debate
Mike Poole
King's College, London  

From the diverse rain forest to a desert island
Ghillean Prance

Toward an Ethic of the Human Genome Project (HGP)
Pattle Pun
Department of Biology
Wheaton College  

The Molecular Biology of Design
Carl Resler
The University of Texas Zoology Dept.  

Design up to Scratch? A Comparison of Design in Buckland (1832) And Behe
Revd Michael Roberts
Chirk Vicarage
Chirk, Wrecsam  

Mr. Oddity and Science
Richard Ruble
John Brown University  

Coping with Tensions in Faith/Science Interpretations
Craig Rusbult
Madison, WI  

"Michael Faraday kept his science and religion quite separate," Really?
Colin Russell

Biodiversity loss in the developing world and sustainable development
John Sale

Anodic Fenton Treatment for Aqueous Organic Compounds of Environmental Concern
David Anthony Saltmiras
Field of Environmental Toxicology
Cornell University  

Disease Complementary Medicines: Underlying Religious and Philosophical
Assumptions of Some "Alternative Systems
Prof. Fernando D. Saraví
Medical Sciences School, National University of Cuyo, Argentina  

Christological Contributions to Science
Joseph L. Spradley
Physics Dept.
Wheaton College  

A Scientific Basis for Reconciling Foreknowledge and Freewill
Donald R. Strombeck
Rancho Murieta, CA  

Are There Gaps In The Creation's Formational Economy?
Howard J. Van Till
Calvin College
Department of Physics  

Two "Theories" of the Cosmos's Origin: 1. an organic, naturalistic evolution (Neo-Darwin) and the Genesis description,"poetic and theological, inspired."
John M. Vayhinger
Behavioral Scientist and
United Methodist Minister
Colorado Springs, CO    


A Genetic View of Human Nature
V. Elving Anderson
Division of Epidemiology
UMHC Minneapolis  

Human Nature: One Evolutionist's View
Francisco J. Ayala
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of California  

Cognitive Contributions to Soul
Warren S. Brown
Professor of Psychology
Fuller Graduate School of Psychology  

Monism and the Nature of Humans in Scripture
Joel B. Green
Asbury Seminary  

Brain, Mind, and Behavior
Malcolm Jeeves
School of Psychology
University of St. Andrews  

Counseling Body/Soul Persons
H. Newton Malony
Graduate School of Psychology
Fuller Theological Seminary  

Nonreductive Physicalism: Philosophical Issues
Nancey Murphy
School of Theology
Fuller Theological Seminary  

A Moral Case for Nonreductive Physicalism
Stephen Post
Center for Biomedical Ethics
School of Medicine
Case Reserve University