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Young Scientists' Scholarships

We would like your help in encouraging young scientists (described as under 30) to attend our Annual Meeting this summer (August 2-5) at Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA. The Young Scientists' Scholarship Program started last summer sponsored ten young scientists. This summer we hope to double or triple that number.

What are the scholarship requirements?

  1. Must be a graduate or an undergraduate student, a postdoctoral researcher, a faculty member or a worker in industry and under 30 years of age.
  2. Prepare a 200-250-word abstract on a phase of his/her research and submit it on-line at: by April 1, 2002 (new deadline).
  3. Join the ASA at the appropriate level: student (undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral researcher): $20 or member: $55.
  4. Provide his/her own transportation to Pepperdine University for the August 2-5 meeting.

What does the scholarship provide?

  1. Registration, room and board during the meeting. This is usually a $300-$400 package.

Why participate in the Annual Meeting?

  1. Meet professionals in science who share a faith in Christ.
  2. Participate in the symposia and paper sessions.
  3. Give a paper/poster.
  4. Network with other Christian students from a variety of colleges and universities.
  5. Explore how to integrate one's faith with one's discipline.
  6. Hear lectures by Francis Collins, Ian Hutchinson and Charles Townes, our plenary speakers for 2002.

Please help us locate these young scientists!

For further information, contact one of the people below:
Ted Davis, Program Chair:
Sara Miles, Program Chair:
Don Munro, Executive Director:

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