These papers were given at the 58th Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation held at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado on July 25-28, 2003 where Cosmology and Astronomy was the major theme. The papers are listed alphabetically by the author's last name.Where available, web links are given for the paper itself and for the author's web site related to material presented in the paper. If an on-line audio version of the talk is available, it is also listed. Abstracts for these papers can be found in the meeting program. Please contact Terry M. Gray if you have any questions about this page.

Joshua B.Abraham
Resolving Modern Anti-Evolutionary Creationism into Two Distinct Movements

Paul Arveson
Now That I've Seen Everything, So What?

Richard P. Aulie
The Cambrian Explosion, the Intelligent Design Movement, and the Rising Challenge to Biology Education

Joshua N Bembenek
Regulation of the Cell Cycle by the Anaphase-Promoting Complex (APC) (Poster Session)

Max Bonilla
Hermeutics of the Bible Belt: Struggles in Interpretation

Hessel Bouma III
Human Population Growth and Control: Religious and Ethical Challenges

Walter L Bradley
Entropy, Information and the Origin of Life

Michael R Burrell
A Biological Integrity Assessment of the Conewago and Codorus Watersheds

David C Campbell
Science As a Calling and an Issue: Presenting Science and Faith at Church and a Campus Fellowship

David C Campbell
Freshwater Mollusks: A Part of Creation in Dire Need of Care

Gabriela Canalizo
Galaxy Interactions and the Origin of Quasars

Kenneth N. Carter, Jr.
The Pestilence Walking in Darkness: Science and Ethics of Vaccination Policy

Gerald B. Cleaver
Superstring Cosmology: God's Blueprint for the Universe

Jill E Colabroy
PCR Detection of Plasmodium falciparum Strains and Their Relationship to the Severity of Malaria

William B. Collier and R. Samuel Thorpe
Teaching Honors Level Philosophy of Science/Origins Science in a Christian University Environment

Dennis Danielson
Copernicus and the Tale of the Pale Blue Dot (Plenary Session)

Calvin B DeWitt
Biogeographic and Trophic Restructuring of the Biosphere: The Earth Under Human Domination

Craig E Divine and John E McCray
DNAPLs, Kuhn, and the Future of Groundwater Remediation

William S. Foulks, Jr.
A Lightless Precursor to the Observable Universe: Genesis 1:3

Rachel A Gallusser
The Effects of Bt Corn Pollen on Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea) Longevity, Survivability, and Fecundity

Robert S. Geddes
The Martian Fossil Controversy: Theological Implications from an Earthly Parallel

Owen Gingerich
Kepler: Astronomy from the Eyes of Faith

Terry M Gray
Give Me Some of That Old-Time Theology: A Reflection on Charles Hodge's Discussion of Concursus in Light of Recent Discussions of Divine Action in Nature

Deborah B. Haarsma
A Universe of Wonder (Plenary Session)

Deborah B. Haarsma
Speaking to Your Church About Science

Loren D Haarsma
Evolution Psychology and Divine Revelation: Synergy, Not Conflict, In Understanding Morality

Loren D Haarsma
Talking about God with Scientists

Michelle Lynn Harris
Implications of Cell Death in the Generation of Autoimmune Responses

Fred and Thresa Hickernell
Walking and Talking: Physical, Social and Spiritual Benefits

Mike Hingle
Christian Environmentalists: A Political Force to Be Reckoned With

Bruce J. Hrivnak
Observing the Evolution of Stars Like the Sun

Thomas S. Ingebritsen
Applying God's Message in Nature

William M Jordan and William Elmore
Relativism and Engineering Education

Anuj Kalsy
Selection and Analysis of Escape Variant Mutations Affecting Epitope IV of the Simian Virus 40 Large Tumor Antigen

Sherman P. Kanagy II
Objections to Planetary Conjunction Hypotheses for the Identity of the Star of the Magi

Michael Keas, Dennis Danielson, Guillermo Gonzalez, Kyler W. Kuehn, and Jay Richards
Privileged Planet Thesis

William C. Keel and Alan Stockton
Watching Galaxies Form Near the Beginning of Time (Plenary Session)

Charles Kennedy, Sr.
The Glorious Liberty of the Children of God

David S Koetje
Biotechnology as Restoration: Can We Feed Ten Billion People and Protect Ecosystem Integrity?

Corrie Lambrecht and Stephen Bracht
Elliptical Galaxies: CO Content vs. Morphology

Denis O Lamoureux
Galileo the Theologian: Hermeneutical Insights of Today

Jesus Maiz-Apellaniz
From Giant Nebulae to Globular Cluster

Robert B Mann
Cosmological Darwinism and its Discontents

Kristyn A Mannoia
An Evaluation of Some Religious Perspectives on Stem Cell Research

Thomas J McLaughlin
The Divinity of the Starry Heavens and the Origin of the Copernican Revolution

Keith Miller
Science and the Local Church: Confrontation, Avoidance, or Engagement

Lawrence A Molnar
Dynamics of the Oort Comet Cloud, with Impact on Terrestrial History

Emmanuel Momjian
Sensitive VLBI Observations of Interacting/Merging Galaxies

William B Monsma
The Cosmology of Genesis

George L Murphy
Chiasmic Cosmology and Scientific Cosmologies

Robert C Newman
Where Do the Angels (et al.) Fit In?

Larry Olsen
Divine Action in Nature: Visible Ony Through Faith

Peter E. Payne
The Order of Nature, Human History, and Natural History

Perry G. Phillips
A Layperson's Introduction to the Big Bang

James Brian Pitts
Does the Big Bang Strongly Support Creation Ex Nihilo?

Ernest N Prabhakar
Radical Centrism & the Redemption of Secular Philosophy

Carl Resler
Genomic Tricks (Poster Session)

Frank Roberts
A Geometric Basis for Divine Action in the World

Aaron J Romanowsky
Dark Matter in Galaxies

Jim Ruark
Writing That Connects

Craig Rusbult
Two Modes of Divine Action in History

Peter Rüst
Dimensions of the Human Being and of Divine Action

Alexandra Maria Smith
Selection and Analysis of Escape Variant Mutations Affecting Epitope I of the Simian Virus 40 Large Tumor Antigen

Lawrence H. Starkey
Solution of Physics Puzzles Using Double-Universe Symmetries

Walter L. Starkey
A Mechanical-Engineering Analysis of the Early Earth and the Days of Creation

Kristen L Stoermer
Evidence for Design in the Human Body

Donald R Strombeck
Origins and Designs

William M Struthers
Snark or Boojum? Trends in the Integration of Psychology and Christianity

Eilene Theilig
The Magnificent Worlds of Jupiter (Plenary Session)

Brian C. Thomas
Presenting Cosmology to a Local Church

Brian C. Thomas
Nothing New Under the Sun: An Analysis of Steinhardt and Turok's Cyclic Universe Model

William H. Traugott
A Scriptural Star Trek?

Gladys Vieira, Marty Baylor, Mark Grant, and Jeff Morgenthaler
Teaching Courses of "Astronomy and Science Faith Issues" for Lay Audiences (Both Believers and Skeptics)

David L Wilcox
Fine-Tuning the Universe

Jennifer Wiseman
A Dynamical Universe Still Forming (Poster Session)

John R Wood
The Environmental Litany; Do We Worry Too Much?

Richard T. Wright
Global Climate Change: A Defining Issue for the 21st Century

J Raymond Zimmer
Genesis 1 as a Sign of the Evolutionary Record: Art and Implications

Uko Zylstra
Biotechnology and Food Security: The Ethics of Gene Power