New Age Worldviews

      This worldview is interesting and influential:

      Kerby Anderson provides a conceptual outline and Bible-based evaluation of The New Age Movement while recognizing that "accurately defining it is a formidable task" because it is "eclectic and diverse."  But Irving Hexham thinks evangelicals should pay more attention to neopaganism because The New Age is Over.
      Doug Groothuis and Elliot Miller (both are authors of books about New Age thinking) share principles and suggestions for Evangelizing New Agers and for Discussing the Bible With New Agers;  and Gordon Lewis explains why — even though talking with New Agers has caused fellow evangelicals to view him with suspicion — he does it anyway.

      Does the New Physics support New Age ideas?  Since 1975, popular "mystical physics" books have claimed that modern physics — especially quantum mechanics — lends scientific support to a pantheistic worldview of New Age beliefs about "creating your own reality."  This may seem plausible to some nonscientists who read the books, and it appeals to their desire for personal power without accountability to God, but there are scientific reasons to reject these highly speculative claims.

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