Stewardship of Life-Opportunities in a Christian Worldview:

Using our Time, Abilities, Knowledge, Money, and Relationships

Christian Stewardship of Life Opportunities requires caring for God's Creation —
which includes Our Environment — with Actions about Pollution & Ozone & Energy & Climate.

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These ideas are from the homepage for Christian Stewardship:

      Christian Stewardship as a Whole-Person Way of Life:  This is a website for whole-person education, and a whole person lives in a way that effectively integrates all aspects of life.  ...  The homepage about WORLDVIEW EDUCATION FOR CHRISTIAN LIVING ends by stating that "fully living a Christian worldview involves a CHRISTIAN STEWARDSHIP of everything in life, including our opportunities (which depend on time, abilities, knowledge, money, relationships,...) and our environment."  Various aspects of "fully living a Christian worldview" are explored below, for a stewardship of our OPPORTUNITIES and ENVIRONMENT.

• Christian Stewardship of our OPPORTUNITIES

God gives each of us unique opportunities, which occur during time, in situations.  An essential part of "life stewardship" is making wise decisions about how to most effectively use our opportunities.  A links-page about CHRISTIAN STEWARDSHIP OF OPPORTUNITIES looks at various aspects of life:
      TIME"do not squander time, for it's the stuff life is made of," said Ben Franklin.
      ABILITIES — Each of us has unique abilities (physical, mental, emotional, relational) given to us by God.  We can understand our abilities more fully by developing a personal awareness (by noticing what we're skilled at doing and what we enjoy doing) combined with contemplative reflection (and prayer in which we ask God for guidance) that leads to self-knowledge.
      KNOWLEDGE can be internal (with improved self-understanding) or external (when we improve our understanding of the world);  members of ASA believe that the world was designed and created by God, and that scholarship (in all fields that seek to understand the world, including science & technology) can be a religious vocation, and that there are many ministry opportunities for CHRISTIANS IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.   {note: Jews and Christians, due to our shared foundation of Judeo-Christian scriptures and beliefs, have many similarities in our worldviews, but ASA is a Christian organization, and this part of the website will focus on Christian stewardship. }
      MONEY — financial resources can be useful in achieving practical goals, and economic factors often play an important role in our decisions about what to do and how, in our efforts to be better stewards;  currently, wise use of money is the most common focus of Christian stewardship, although (as emphasized in this page) God wants us to define stewardship more broadly, to include everything in life.
      RELATIONSHIPS — according to Jesus, the second-greatest commandment is to "love your neighbor as you love yourself."  One way to love people is by evangelism, locally or globally, when we "go and make disciples of all nations."  Another way is to love people by serving them, by helping them meet their practical needs, as in serving the poor by using science and technology.  The solid foundation for Christian stewardship of life is the greatest commandment — to "love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind" — because this is our most important relationship.   {the two great commandments}

Care of Creation:  The creation of God includes people (as in "relationships" above) and our environment (the focus below).

• Christian Stewardship of our ENVIRONMENT

Now and in the future, what can Christians do to improve the quality of our environment, to ... [the page then continues describing what we can do].

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