Global Warming and Creation Care

At a press conference of the National Association of Evangelicals on January 12, 2007, twelve scholars (scientists,...) shared prepared remarks and the concluding remarks were by Randy Isaac, Executive Director of the American Scientific Affiliation:

In our vast universe, as far as we know, planet earth is the only place where a rich diversity of life survives.  God has created a diverse array of species that thrive in a web of interdependence.  Each species has a “purpose-driven existence”, to paraphrase Rick Warren’s best selling book.  Each species fills a critical niche in the dynamic balance of nature.

Throughout the history of life on earth, the number and types of species have changed in response to changes in the environment.  But whenever the environment changed too rapidly for species to adapt, large numbers of species became extinct.

As human beings, we are dependent on a healthy ecological system for our own survival.  If our environment changes too rapidly for the current balance to be sustained, the very existence of our human race could be threatened.  Long before we reach that stage, the poor and the weak segments of human population will suffer more than anyone as their sources of food and water dwindle.

Scientific analyses have shown clearly that human activity is causing an acceleration of changes on earth.  Without urgent prudent action, the pace of change could accelerate alarmingly, causing irreversible damage to the ecological system upon which human survival depends.  We have a collective moral obligation to work together and do all we can to reduce the factors that could cause loss of biodiversity and ultimately massive human suffering.

Those of us who are Christians in science recognize that both our faith and our professional vocation call us to unite in action to preserve God’s Creation and to help humankind.

Christian Stewardship of Life