Environmental Stewardship in a Christian Worldview:

Energy Conservation & Alternative Energy Sources

Christian Stewardship of Life Opportunities requires caring for God's Creation —
which includes Our Environment — with Actions about Pollution & Energy & Climate.

I.O.U. — There will be significant development of this page later, maybe in mid-2014,
with summaries about energy topics, and links to:
• the best pages & audios/videos we can find on the internet, plus a few off-the-web books, films, etc;
• pages written by members of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) for our website & journal & conferences, as in 2005 when the theme of our annual meeting was Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy Resources;  in our 2003 meeting, Kennell Touryan (council member of ASA, acting as interim president) emphasized the need for productive action to cope with a variety of problems, including energy balance in a future with increasing demand and decreasing supplies.

It will offer information and links for these areas and topics:

Energy Conservation (as an alternative "source" of energy):
using less energy for air conditioning, heating & lighting, transportation of people and our food & consumer products;  improving energy efficiency (as in green buildings, fuel-efficient cars)

Traditional Energy Sources (using our supply of fossil fuels):
nonrenewable energy from fossil fuels: petroleum oil (gasoline,...), coal, natural gas

Alternative Energy Sources (advantages & disadvantages):
most of these are renewable energy: solar energy, wind energy, biofuel & biomass, nuclear fusion, hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy (tidal power, wave power, current power; thermal & salinity);  hydrogen energy (from combustion or in fuel cells) is a related technology;  and nuclear fission is non-renewable alternative energy

• This page will contain a summary-overview for each topic above, plus links to selected web resources (ranging from introductory to comprehensive), and it will link to a specialty page for each topic.

      In order to find high-quality pages at each level for many topics, I (the editor of ASA's website for Whole-Person Education) will need help, and hopefully much of the creative work — in deciding what to do and how, and then finding and selecting high-quality resources — can be done by those who are more expert than myself, who know more about each topic-area, and also know
"who is doing what" and who has written good pages about it.
      When searching for content-pages, the key is SELECTIVITY.  With a search engine and a few minutes, it's easy to find lots of pages.  It's much more difficult to find the best pages (at all levels, from introductory to in-depth) but this is the goal.  We want to recommend only high-quality pages, so users can learn quickly and well, and they won't be overwhelmed with too many choices.   {more about selectivity}   {if you have helpful ideas, please contact me, Craig Rusbult, craig@asa3.org}
      You can see a preliminary structure of topics in this links-page, and each of the others.  But each structure is tentative, and it will be modified during the process of developing the website.  If you want to see parts of the overall website that are more fully developed, check Thinking Skills or (on a larger scale) Creation Questions.

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