The 2009 Annual Meeting of ASA

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Basic Information:
The 2009 Annual Meeting of ASA is July 31 to August 3,
at Baylor University in Waco, Texasmap & tourism info.

        Check the usual booking services (Expedia, Travelocity,...) and airlines (American, Southwest,...).  AIRPORT OPTIONS include Waco (ACT) and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)(more) & Dallas Love (DAL) and Houston Bush (IAH)(more) & Houston Hobby (HOU) and Austin (AUS) and College Station (CLL) and San Antonio (SAT).  Lots of choices!  You can get additional information about each airport by searching for its code (ACT, DFW,...) in Wikipedia.   /   a price check:  On June 2, round-trip prices from Chicago O'Hare (checked on Expedia, which excludes Southwest) were similar for all, with SAT lowest (many flights around $200-210, plus some higher) followed by IAH/HOU (230-250), DFW/DAL (290-310), CLL (280-340), Waco (310-350), and AUS (340-345), but getting to Baylor from some airports is easier, faster, and cheaper.  Prices to Waco-ACT were a little higher but not a lot, and the savings in time & convenience may be worth the extra cost.  Of course, prices from other airports (instead of O'Hare) will differ from these, and will change with time.
        WACO AIRPORT TO BAYLOR — Free rides will be offered by ASA, through the generosity of people living in Waco, IF you tell them (by using the RIDE BOARD) when you will arrive.
        2A. FOR THE RETURN TRIP from Baylor to your airport, at the conference there will be a physical Sharing-Board where you can write your information and requests.

        PLEASE HELP if you're driving, and PLEASE USE THE RIDE BOARD ASAP.
        If you're driving from airport or home, and you can offer SHARED TRAVELING to others who are attending, this will be greatly appreciated.  And please post this information on the Ride Board as soon as possible, because this might help others make plans.  For example, if they know "early in their planning process" that someone will be driving from DFW (or DAL, IAH,... SAT) and you can give them a lift, they'll be willing to look at flights into these airports.
        For directions to the ASA Registration Center on the campus of Baylor University, use a map service (Mapquest or Google Maps or Rand McNally or...) and make the ending address "1111 S. University Parks" (or "dutton & university parks" or even "76706-1224") plus waco, tx.   /   To see the local details so you can decide what to do when you get there, on this map (for the west-central part of campus) ASA Registration is in the dormitory marked 61D.  You can park, short-term or long-term, in the Dutton Parking Garage (#69) which can be reached from Dutton Avenue or University Parks Drive;  or, for short-term only, use the parking lot (shaded gray) to the east of 61D.  {what are the parking rules? soon we'll summarize "what you need to know," or you can click "Dutton Parking Garage" and then "Regulations"}
        GREYHOUND BUS — If you're arriving early to visit a nearby city, one option for traveling to Waco is Greyhound Bus which has cheap fares, especially if you book ahead (7, 14, or 21 days) and the bus station is 1.3 miles from Baylor: map with directions.

        SHARED TRAVELING by using the RIDE BOARD
        Shared Traveling (from airport or home) will help you conserve energy and money.
        ASA's RIDE BOARD will help you find partners for shared traveling in a rental car or personal car, or (if they're available at your airport) an airport shuttle.  Without logging on (so it's fast and easy) you can visit one of our boards — for rides from the airport or from anywhere else — where you can REQUEST A RIDE or OFFER A RIDE.

To avoid spam when you post a message on our boards, you can: 
        use a temporary throwaway address from hotmail, gmail,... instead of your main email-address; 
        disguise your main address — for example, by replacing "@" and "." with "at" and "dot" (or some alternative spelling that humans will understand but spam-bots won't) so my address could be "craig-attt-chem-dottt-wisc-dottt-edu" or something similar — or use other spam-avoiding strategies.

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