Travel Information for ASA Annual Meeting,
to help you get there by FLYING or DRIVING, and
save energy & money with SHARED TRAVELING.

The meeting is August 1-4, 2008, at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.

    FLYING — to Portland International Airport (PDX)
    For flights, check the usual booking services (Expedia, Travelocity,...) and airlines (American, Southwest,...).
    • From PDX to Newberg (33 miles) for a SHUTTLE VAN most prices are $55 to $65 for the first person (low = $35, high = $81) plus $5 extra for each additional person, up to about 6 people;  on Monday, July 21, I collected the shuttle information you see at the end of this page. (*)   The price-per-person is cheaper for a group, so SHARED TRAVELING could be useful, if you find others who will arrive at about the same time as you.   {* Or you can go to Ground Transportation for PDX Airport and check Door-to-Door Shuttle (leave the default "All" selected) and then "locations served" to get a list of the companies, but everything I could find is below. }
    • For the return trip, from George Fox to PDX, there will be a Ride-Board at the conference.
    For a CAR RENTAL, go to Ground Transportation for PDX and check Rental Car - On Airport.

    DRIVING — if you'll arrive by car (personal or rental)
    You'll want a map with "Directions to Newberg Campus" from east, west, north or south, including the airport.  Then, to find ASA's registration center click this link and look for the red building and click the map, then click + and drag the map until you see the upper-left corner with Building #10 and Parking Lot C on Meridian St, which is part of the directions in the "directions to campus" link above.  (also, a campus map will be included in your registration packet)
    If you're driving from home or airport (*) and you can offer SHARED TRAVELING to others who are attending, this will be greatly appreciated.    {* or if you live in the Portland area and are willing to visit the airport for a pickup}

    SHARED TRAVELING (from home or airport)
    We want to help you find others for shared traveling (in an airport shuttle, rental car, or personal car) so we've made a RIDE BOARD where — without logging on, so it's fast and easy — you can visit one of the blogs (for rides from the airport or from anywhere else) where you can READ THE COMMENTS OF OTHERS and ADD A NEW COMMENT.
    The Ride Board has no "log in" but — to hopefully avoid "broken promises" if a prankster posts a bogus message — I've checked all comments on this Board, and so far (evening of July 21) everyone who has posted is listed as attending the conference, and the emails match the info sent to me by Carol Aiken.  I'll continue checking, and so can you.
    Please include contact information and, if you want to avoid spam, you can use one of the...

    Strategies for Avoiding Spam
    If, to avoid spam, you don't want to post your main email-address, you can use a temporary throwaway address from hotmail, gmail,...   Or you can disguise your main address — for example, by replacing "@" and "." with "at" and "dot" (or some alternative spelling that humans will understand but spam-bots won't) so my address could be "craig-at-chem-dot-wisc-dot-edu" or something similar — or use other spam-avoiding strategies.

If you have questions about this travel-page, contact Craig Rusbult,

Information about SHUTTLES from PDX Airport

GENERAL INFO — I assume that all shuttles leave from the same Ground Transportation Area that's near the Baggage Area and is used for taxis & shuttles.  All except one (Blue Star) want reservations at least 1 day ahead of time, and all charge a basic rate (for one person) plus extra for each additional person, up to a maximum number.

To get the information below, I called and said "I'm checking options for people attending a conference in Newberg at George Fox University, so how much would it cost for a shuttle from PDX to Newberg?"  What you see is what people told me, but... this information is unofficial, so check with the shuttle company to be sure:

    Blue Star Airporter (503-249-1837), -- $81.75 for one, $3 for each extra person, up to 5 total, they don't take reservations (all others want a reservation).
    Community Shuttle (503-674-5861) -- $65 for one + $5 per extra person, up to 7 total, call at least 2 days ahead.
    Eagle Shuttle (503-249-3995) -- $55 for one + $5 per extra person , 6 person max, call a day ahead, I talked with Idris.
    Economy Shuttle (503-888-2928) -- $55 for one + $5 per extra person , 6 person max, call a day ahead.
    Green Shuttle (503-252-4422) -- $60 for one + $3 per extra person, call before 7 pm the previous night.
    Island Coach Services (888-968-4083 toll free) -- van is $65 for one + $5 per extra person, up to 10 people, plus 15% tip expected;  they also have sedans, but I didn't get a price for this.
    Raja Tours (877-669-7252 toll free) -- $75 + $10 for each extra person, call ahead.
    Ready Ride (503-289-8337, 24 hours), -- $35 for one, $45 for two, then $5 for each extra person, up to 7 max, call to check on this because this quoted price is lower than the others.
    Royal Towncar & Shuttle (503-554-0005) -- $65 for one + $5 for each extra person, call and talk with them about details.
    Tee To Green Transportation (503-349-8677), -- $75 for one + $5 for each extra person, call for details.
    White Van Shuttle (503-774-9755) -- $55 for one + 5 for each extra, call ahead.
    Wings Shuttle Service (503.330.5040) -- $65 for one + 5 for each extra, up to 7 people, maybe negotiable, call.

Shuttle & Fly  (503-880-5436) -- their phone didn't work,
and these three companies don't include Newberg in their "locations served":
Gelsnar Shuttle 503.515.2721
Time Airport Shuttle 503.997.3340
Willamette Express Shuttle 503.280.9883