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I.O.U. — What you see below is a simple beginning.
There will be much more here later, and this will happen sooner if you help us.

Mathematics and Christian Faith with "papers that treat various aspects of mathematics, computer science and related fields from a Christian perspective."

Artificial Intelligence Topics (Virtual Library) — with lots to explore
• Ian Hutchison's Essay Review of The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence by Ray Kurzweil
Artificial Intelligence and the Soul by Russel Bjork

Wolfram MathWorld — claims to be "the web's most extensive mathematics resource"

Here is the IOU from a Resource Page for Teachers of Mathematics & Computer Science:
    Currently there isn't much about math in this part of the website (for Whole-Person Education) although later — but probably not until November 2009 (*) — I'll make pages that describe (and link to) interesting web-resources about a variety of topics:  Mathematical Thinking Skills plus math as a field (with its own exciting questions to explore) and a tool that is useful in science and engineering, for analyzing data and discovering patterns in nature;  powerful modern computers that increase the possibilities for numerical analysis (imagine Kepler with a computer!) in fields like bioinformatics, and number-crunching "approximation models" in a variety of fields ranging from meteorology and engineering to bioinformatics and quantum chemistry;  chaos theory;  computer science, information systems, and artificial intelligence.   {If you want to help us develop this part of the website, your assistance will be greatly appreciated. }


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