Drug Doping in Bicycle Racing

The “good old days” were mainly dope-less:
Soap Opera of Tour de France in the 1980s

In 2006, I wrote a major page about
Floyd Landis & Testosterone — Drug Questions in a Mystery Story

and here a few external links:
competition between cheaters & testers (general, for all sports)
drugs are indispensable for competing in bike racing (check final section, "drug use common")
erythropoietin (EPO) - in Wikipedia
Mr. Clean – Greg LeMond and Pro Cycling’s Doping Problem

TRAINING PRINCIPLES (eventually these, and more, will be moved into a "bicycle training" page)
Principles of VO2-max
Nutritional Challenges of the Tour de France

MORE  —  This page will become more fully developed later, probably by mid-November 2013.  For example, there will be links about Tyler Hamilton (60 Minutes, The Secret Race) plus Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, and more.

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