How to Make

( the art & science )

by Craig Rusbult, Ph.D.

Mother Earth News had two articles ( 1 and 2 ) about making bamboo flutes
with a 9-hole fingering system, invented by me, letting a musician play three extra
notes (3-flat, 4-sharp, 7-flat) that cannot be played on a traditional 6-hole bamboo flute,
plus my strategy (by modifying the interior shape of the flute) for tuning the low & high octave.
{ and here are photo-scans of the original articles with all of the diagrams }

I.O.U. — Eventually, maybe in summer-2013, I'll write an outline (here) of the two articles.

These articles were written in 1982 by Marc Bristol (the founder and still editor
of Blue Suede News) based on information provided by me.  However, one thing I told
Marc, but it didn't appear in the published article, is that much of what I know about
making bamboo flutes (*) was learned from Joe Kasik of Springfield, Oregon — who sold
flutes with high quality (musically & artistically) at the Saturday Market in Eugene —
at the market (answering questions one at a time) and also (for in-depth explanations
plus “showing me how”) one day when I drove to the house where he and his wife lived
in a beautiful scenic location with the Mackenzie River flowing outside their back door.
{* But some ideas, including the 9-hole fingering system, are my own. }

Making flutes, which was a 3-month project during a break between my
graduate studies at UW-West (in Seattle) and UW-Midwest (in Madison),
was one of my first major experiences in using design process,
which is related to scientific method and is described in a website,
Using Design Process for Problem Solving and Education which includes
a page about this flute project (plus "Performance and/or Learning").

also - The Science of Music (and other Arts)

for ideas about making music with a flute or
another instrument, or by singing or whistling,
Musical Improvisation (creativity + music theory)