David Wilcox is a biologist and scholar who is highly respected, both inside and outside the American Scientific Affiliation.  He has served on the ASA Council, and was co-author of the "evolutionary creation" position in the ASA Statements on Creation, and he has a page with web-available resources: a creation statement by the Biology Department of Eastern University, presentations (see the next paragraph) and information about his book, God and Evolution: A Faith-Based Understanding.

If you have a fast internet connection, check out his educational (and entertaining) powerpoint asking "How did it all happen?" (it's 74 MB, yes that's MB not kB) and also "Time and Eternity" (16 MB).


      from a press release by Eastern University:

      God and Evolution: A Faith-Based Understanding getting good reviews; nominated for national award. ...
      "There is a way for God to be both our God – the God of the Bible and the God of Christian faith – and the God of so-called cave men and dinosaurs.  Part of the purpose of this book is to present and defend this position — to suggest new ways of looking at old things, to offer a perspective of faith that does not ignore facts or compromise scientific integrity."   David L. Wilcox
      God and Evolution: A Faith-Based Understanding was recently named a finalist in the Religion category of the “Best Books 2005 Awards” by USABookNews.com, the premiere online web site for mainstream and independent publishing houses, announced 250 winners and finalists in 60 categories October 1, 2005.  According to Jeffrey Bowen, president and publisher of USABookNews.com, this year yielded an unprecedented number of entries.  Said Bowen, “This year’s award results represent a phenomenal mix of books from a wide array of publishers throughout the United States.”
      In addition to receiving this award, God and Evolution has been recognized in the national media as a reference for articles on this often-contentious subject.

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