Perspectives on
an Evolving Creation

Keith B. Miller, editor;
published 2003 by Eerdmans,
who provide this description:

According to the authors of this book, who explore evolutionary theory from a clear Christian perspective, the common view of conflict between evolutionary theory and Christian faith is mistaken. 

Written by contributors representing the natural sciences, philosophy, theology, and the history of science, this thought-provoking work is informed by both solid scientific knowledge and keen theological insight.  The three sections of the book address:  (1) relevant biblical, historical, and scientific background,  (2) the scientific evidence for an evolving creation, and  (3) theological issues commonly raised in connection with evolution, including the nature of God's creative activity, the meaning of the miraculous, and the uniqueness of humankind.  Woven through the volume are short meditations designed to direct readers toward worshiping the God of providence.


    Terry Morrison (former director of Faculty Ministry for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship): "Here is a book that I would call 'state of the art' in this controversy."   full-length review (begins on page 2)
    Edward Larson (lawyer, historian, and author, winner of Pulitzer Prize): "An ambitious book with an impressive list of able contributors, Perspectives on an Evolving Creation should be read by everyone interested in the question of biological origins from a biblical perspective."
    Nancey Murphy (professor of Christian philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary): "This book is superb: of much interest to the scholar, it provides absolutely essential classroom resources not available anywhere else.  I am so grateful to Keith Miller for putting this collection together."
    Kevin Padian (professor and curator, Dept of Integrative Biology & Museum of Paleontology, U of California at Berkeley): "All Christians should read this book for instruction and perspectives on science that they can trust and think about.  So should all scientists, Christian or not, who are interested in the practical rapprochement that is possible between science and religion."
    Davis Young (professor of geology, Calvin College): "Perspectives on an Evolving Creation will immeasurably benefit young Christian scholars about to embark on careers that will entail a great deal of strenuous thinking on their part about the interrelationships between science and theology; ... it is essential reading for those interested in these relationships."
    {the reviews by Padian and Young have been condensed for this page; here are their full reviews}
    Steve Martin wrote a review (in the blog, An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution) that concludes, "There are very, very few books published that cover the intellectual ground like Perspectives on an Evolving Creation.  When you have a very limited choice, its fortunate when one of those choices is so good.  I heartily recommend it."
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    CHAPTER 1 (written by the editor, Keith Miller) is "An Evolving Creation: Oxymoron or Fruitful Insight?" and is available for you to read:  first 3 paragraphs (HTML)  and  whole chapter (PDF).
    Excerpts, including some full chapters, are in Google Books.

    BOOK DESCRIPTION (from the editor)
    The common prevailing view of conflict between evolutionary theory and Christian faith is a false caricature.  In reality, many evangelical Christian scientists and theologians have responded positively to evolutionary ideas since the time of Darwin.  This volume brings this Christian reflection up to date and takes a relatively comprehensive look at the current science of evolutionary theory from a clearly articulated orthodox Christian perspective.  It includes scientific evidence as well as informed theological discussion.  Contributors represent a wide variety of disciplines — biology, genetics, geology, paleontology, astronomy, cosmology, philosophy, theology, and the history of science.
    The volume is divided into three sections.  The first part provides the needed Biblical, historical and scientific context for the discussions which follow.  The second part of the book lays out the scientific evidence for an evolving creation.  Specialists in a variety of fields summarize how the current evolutionary view of cosmic, Earth and biological history was constructed.  The last part focuses on philosophical and theological issues commonly raised in connection with evolution.  Issues such as the nature of God's creative activity, the meaning of the miraculous, the uniqueness of humankind, the basis for creation care, and the origin of sin, are addressed with both seriousness and sensitivity.  Woven throughout the volume are short meditations designed to direct thereader toward worshipping the God of providence.


 01. An Evolving Creation: Oxymoron or Fruitful Insight?  (Keith B. Miller)  3
 00. Worshipping the God of Providence  [Deborah Haarsma]
 02. Comparing Biblical and Scientific Maps of Origins  (Conrad Hyers)  19
 03. The Word and the Works: Concordism and American Evangelicals  (Edward B. Davis)  34
 00. Worshipping the God of Wisdom and Mystery  [Edward B. Davis]
 04. Charles Hodge and B. B. Warfield on Science, the Bible, Evolution, and Darwinism  (Mark A. Noll & David Livingstone)  61
 05. Does Science Exclude God?  Natural Law, Chance, Miracles, and Scientific Practice  (Loren Haarsma)  72

 06. An Evolving Cosmos  (Deborah Haarsma & Jennifer Wiseman)  97
 00. Worshipping the Creator of the Cosmos  [Deborah Haarsma]
 07. Geological Framework of an Evolving Creation  (Jeffrey Greenberg)  123
 08. Common Descent, Transitional Forms, and the Fossil Record  (Keith B. Miller)  152
 09. The "Cambrian Explosion": A Challenge to Evolutionary Theory?  (David Campbell & Keith B. Miller)  182
 00. Worshipping the Creator of the History of Life  [Keith B. Miller]
 10. Hominids in the Garden?  (James P. Hurd)  208
 11. Finding Adam: The Genetics of Human Origins  (David Wilcox)  234
 00. God's Power and Faithfulness: A Lesson from Nature  [Loren Haarsma]
 12. Biochemistry and Evolution  (Terry M. Gray)  256
 13. Complexity, Self-Organization, and Design  (Loren Haarsma & Terry M. Gray)  288

 14. Is the Universe Capable of Evolving?  (Howard J. Van Till)  313
 15. Special Providence and Genetic Mutation: A New Defense of Theistic Evolution  (Robert John Russell)  335
 16. Christology, Evolution, and the Cross  (George L. Murphy)  370
 00. The Peaceable Kingdom  [Laurie J. Braaten]
 17. An Evolving Creation and Environmental Issues  (Jeffrey Greenberg)  393
 00. Being Stewards of the Creator God  [Jeffrey Greenberg]
 18. May the Glory of the Lord Endure Forever!  Biblical Reflections on Creation Care  (Laurie J. Braaten)  414
 19. Animal Pain: Beyond the Threshold?  (John C. Munday, Jr.)  435
 20. Evolution and Original Sin  (Robin Collins)  469
 21. Evolution, Cognitive Neuroscience, and the Soul  (Warren S. Brown)  502
 17. Remembering God's People  [George L. Murphy]

Most information in this page comes from the publisher, Eerdmans.

Most authors of Perspectives on An Evolving Creation, including its editor,
are members of the American Scientific Affiliation which is a fellowship of
Christian scientists who hold a variety of perspectives about the methods
used by God to create, as you can see by exploring CREATION QUESTIONS.