Gordon Mills:
papers about evolution and intelligent design

In the citations below,
PSCF is Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith,
the journal of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).

1995 — Theistic Evolution: A Design Theory at the Level of Genetic InformationChristian Scholars Review (1995) 444-458,
1995 — A Theory of Theistic Evolution as an Alternative to the Naturalistic TheoryPSCF (June 1995) 112-122,
1998 — Possible Role of Protein Modules in a Theory of Theistic EvolutionPSCF (June 1998) 136-139,
1998 — Similarities and Differences in Mitochondrial Genomes: Theistic InterpretationsPSCF (December 1998) 286-291,
1999 — The Origin of Antibody DiversityPSCF (December 1999) 254-256,
2001 — Behe and Intelligent Design TheoryPSCF (March 2001) 68-69,
2002 — In Defense of Intelligent DesignPSCF (December 2002) 260-263.

2002 — A Design Theory of Progressive Creation — this is a web-page with a brief summary plus links to the first 5 pages above, 1995-1999.
Progressive Creation with Intelligent Design quotes from (and comments on) Mills, regarding why he now calls his view "progressive creation" instead of "theistic evolution," and his views on common descent.
And his views are quoted as part of a large "synthesis page" about the views of many authors, in a comparison of evolutionary creation and progressive creation.  (his views are in several places, so search for "Mills")

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