Information about Loren Haarsma, Ph.D.

You can visit his HOME-PAGE at Calvin College, and by clicking the link for "science and religion pages" you can explore his essays and web-links about integrating:
• The teachings of the Bible and the results of modern science.
• The life of Christian faith and the everyday work of being a scientist.

co-author, with Deborah Haarsma (his wife), of an excellent book,
Origins: A Reformed Look at Creation, Design, and Evolution

Currently, the area for Origins Questions has links to these pages by Loren Haarsma:

Christianity as a Foundation for Science:
Part 1 — Science and Religion in Conflict? 
Part 2 — Where is God in science? 

Science, Miracles, and Methodological Naturalism
    asking "Must science deny the possibility of miracles?"

Is intelligent design "scientific"?

Excerpts from a chapter — "Complexity, Self-organization and Design" — written for Perspectives on an Evolving Creation by Loren Haarsma & Terry Gray:
Complexity, Design, and Miracles 
Abiogenesis (by Self-Organization) for the Origin of Life 

a 1996 letter challenging a declaration that "evolution is unsupervised" by a prominent science education organization, the National Association of Biology Teachers

two sets of quotations in a page about Divine Guidance in Evolutionary Creation 

Using Survey/Response Writing Assignments to Stimulate Classroom Discussion by Loren Haarsma