The Real Historical Adam
Papers about Human Origins in PSCF by John McIntyre

John McIntyre wrote three papers for Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (journal of the American Scientific Affiliation) in 2002, 2004, and 2006.  They're all similar, with variations on the same basic themes, so you may want to begin with the 2006 paper because it's the most recent (so can you consider it a revision of the earlier papers?) and it's accompanied by three responses and a counter-response.

in 2006:
The Real Adam and Original Sin by John McIntyre (34 k)
Will the Real Adam Please Stand Up! by Perry Yoder (9 k)
Reply to the Real Adam and Original Sin by James Hurd (8 k)
The Original Adam and the Reality of Sin by David Wilcox (5 k)
A Reply to the Responders by John McIntyre (11 k)

in 2004, The Real Adam by John McIntyre (32 k)

in 2002, The Historical Adam by John McIntyre (30 k)

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