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You can visit his HOME-PAGE at Colorado State University, especially the Essays & Book Reviews about Faith and Science.

Currently, the area for Origins Questions has links to these pages by Terry Gray:

Review of Phillip Johnson's Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds by Terry Gray, who says "I agree with 95% of what I read.  Johnson's assessment of the big picture is correct and his call to Christians to step into the modern debate with the big picture in view is, I think, the right strategy... and [quoting Johnson] ‘we should unite our energies to affirm the reality of God.’  But we disagree about some of his detailed criticisms of evolution and his inclusion of the Intelligent Design claim as an essential plank in the big picture. ...  God is involved actively in the ordinary operations of the universe.  The particular combination of genes in my daughter is a consequence of chance recombination and independent assortment events, but the combination is exactly what God wanted.  Anything for which we think we understand the mechanism in science is God-directed as much as any miracle for which we can't understand the mechanism."  Also, The Mistrial of Evolution (an earlier review, by Gray, of Darwin on Trial by Johnson)

Can a Christian Be an Evolutionist and Can An Evolutionist Be a Christian?

Excerpts from a chapter — "Complexity, Self-organization and Design" — written for Perspectives on an Evolving Creation by Loren Haarsma & Terry Gray:
Complexity, Design, and Miracles 
Abiogenesis (by Self-Organization) for the Origin of Life 

a quotation in a page about Divine Guidance in Evolutionary Creation from Terry Gray, who "comes from a fairly conservative Calvinistic theological perspective," says, "I believe that Scripture teaches that God is absolutely sovereign over all his creation.  Whatever comes to pass was ordained by him. ...  Thus all of the events envisioned by an evolutionist are under God's oversight (as are all events).  This includes random events such as mutations, chance encounters of particular genomes, recombination events, mating events in populations, which sperm actually fertilizes a given egg, and so forth.  From a human perspective these are all random events.  From God's perspective, exactly what he ordained to occur occurs. ...  God is as much in control of the outcome of the process as he is if he had zapped things into existence without any process.  Obviously, this is not the random, undirected evolution of atheistic naturalists."