Origins Evidence

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A Visual Overview of Origins Evidence:

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    A Verbal Review (of sections in this page, and in the diagram)
    Our scientific knowledge about properties and history -- astronomical, geological, chemical, and biological -- provides evidence for theories about origins.
    When we ask questions about the age of the universe, we look to astronomy and geology (and fossils in geological formations) for answers.  Some proponents of young-earth theories question the reliability of conclusions from historical sciences.
    Evidence about the origin of the universe comes from astronomical history and properties (including astrophysics, quantum physics,...).
    The main reasons to suspect a design of the universe are astronomical and biological properties.
    Theories about design in history are proposed mainly for chemical and biological history.
    Questions about design in science focus on design in history (although design of the universe also raises interesting questions) which makes "historical science" claims, so arguments for the scientific credibility of non-design theories in historical sciences (astronomy, geology, paleontology, evolutionary biology,...) can provide a defense for some arguments, but not all, against design theories.  All of this, and much more, involves the nature of science.

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