Life-Activity Details within Geological Strata — in the middle of a flood?

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The links below (for pages written by Glenn Morton and EarthHistory) are followed by journal references from Mark Isaak.

These pages are from Glenn Morton:
bio-varnish (this is in the links-page)
turtle Poop
many geo-details [it's long, with lots of geology details]
carbonate with burrows
sideways burrows,… (is in links-page)
sideways burrows (is in links-page)
sand/shale burrows (is in links-page)
river channels (is in links-page)
buried canyons
termites & dinos (is in links-page)
tracks & raindrops (is in links-page)
fossilized dung (is in links-page)
insects in amber
multi-droughts (is in links-page)
thick + details
geological details
salt deposits (is in links-page)
flood lithification
rock properties & age [has been moved into "fossil patterns"]

Similar facts are described in an "EarthHistory" website:
Fossils [in-place] [this was moved into "fossil patterns"]
Dino Eggs [details] (is in links-page)
Isotopic Sorting [this is also in "fossil patterns" logic]

The following references to journal articles (with references at end of the page) are copied from Problems with a Global Flood by Mark Isaak, writing for Talk Origins.

How do surface features appear far from the surface? Deep in the geologic column there are formations which could have originated only on the surface, such as:

How could these have appeared in the midst of a catastrophic flood?