A Review-Summary (by Ashby Camp) of Faith, Form and Time (by Kurt Wise)

In this review (it's a PDF file), Ashby Camp summarizes the main ideas in a book by a major creationist, Kurt Wise.

Part of the review (23 k total) is about biology and evolution;  if you focus on the four sections that are most relevant for age-science, plus the introduction, it will be 10 k, and if you finish the review (in the "optional" sections) it's 14 k.  For age-science, read these parts:

Introduction, A Non-negotiable Faith, (then skip three sections), The Pre-Flood World, Flood and Post-Flood, Months vs Millions of Years, and (optional, if you're curious about "the rest of the story") the final two sections.

You can learn more (from both young-earth and old-earth perspectives) in the HOMEPAGE FOR "AGE OF THE EARTH" SCIENCE.