Can a theory of design be scientific?

by Craig Rusbult, Ph.D.

Originally, this was the second of four pages about Open Science:
Part 1: Methodological Naturalism 
Part 2: Theories of Intelligent Design 
Part 3: Can design be scientific?
Part 4: Open Science is Better Science (it includes Parts 1-3 and more) 

But my web-pages have been reorganized, and I suggest
that you read the entire original section in a page asking
Can historical science (Evolution and Design) be scientific?
and the corresponding section (revised and condensed) in my
comprehensive overview of Intelligent Design Theories.

A page-reorganization is explained above: "But my web-pages have been..."

The disadvantages of Closed Science are described in the first two pages of the original four-page series, Methodological Naturalism (in our search for truth) and Intelligent Design (evaluation, controversy, and proof) and in Section 7D of a page that includes 7A-7G and more, that explains why Open Science is Better Science.  { The "7C" you've been reading in this page is Section 7C from the "Open Science..." page. }

The adventures of Mike Behe (with scientific journals) illustrate the sociological challenges of Critical Thinking in Closed Science.

Why are theories of non-design (for biological evolution) often considered to be more plausible than is scientifically justified?  This is explained in The Process of Logically Evaluating Origins Theories.

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Read the page-reorganization described above:
"But my web-pages have been reorganized..."

Origins Questions (pages by Craig Rusbult)

Here are the pages in the original four-part series.
Part 1: Methodological Naturalism in Our Search for Truth
 Part 2: A Brief Introduction to Intelligent Design 
 Part 3: Can theories of design be scientific? 
 Part 4: Open Science is Better Science

Critical Thinking in Closed Science (Mike Behe,...)

The Process of Logically Evaluating Origins Theories

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