WebSites for Age-Science

    an I.O.U. — Eventually this page will be revised (but I'm not sure when, because other projects currently have higher priority) and the main change will be adding websites that were discovered during the process of exploring the websites below.
    a disclaimer — My search (in April 2007) has been PARTIAL, because even though my search of the sites below (which I think are the major "age of the earth" websites) has been fairly thorough, for most topics I haven't used search engines to find the many "independent" pages that exist.

    The websites begin with young-earth and move into old-earth:
    • Answers in Genesis (AiG) - Ken Ham:  their articles page connects to resources for a wide variety of topics — including Archaeology, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Dinosaurs, Flood, Fossils, Geology, Ice Age, Noah's Ark, Plate Tectonics, Radioactive Dating, Science, Young Age Evidence — plus Arguments that Creationists Should Not Use.  YE
    • Institute for Creation Research (ICR) - Henry & John Morris:  their sitemap has articles arranged by topic including including Archeology, Astronomy, Climatology, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Geology, Noah's Flood, Oceanography, Physics, RATE (radiometric dating), and Uniformitarianism.  YE
    • Creation Research Society (CRS):  publishes a journal (CRS Quarterly), their sitemap shows selected articles that are not arranged by topic.  YE
    • Ashby Camp:  list of Creation-Articles (astronomy, how-questions, when-questions, miscellaneous)  YE
    • other YE websites, such as, have links to individual pages but I haven't thoroughly searched the sites  YE
    • ASA's journal, Perspectives on Science and Christian FaithArticles & Letters from PSCF (articles are mostly old-earth, but some young-earth views are in letters)  mostly OE
    • ASA Topic Pages - Jack Haas:  The left side of ASA's homepage lists topic-pages by Jack Haas, which typically have a mix of science, theology, and history:  Bible & Science (the intro includes a link for Noah's Flood), Astronomy & Cosmology and (with mainly theology, paleontology, biology) Creation/Evolution.  mostly OE
    • Talk Origins:  This is a big website with lots of resources.  A SiteMap for the FAQ-Archives has left-side links that include Age of the Earth, Flood Geology, Catastrophism, and more;  and in the center, an Index to Creationist Claims including Paleontology, Geology, Astronomy & Cosmology, and P`hysics (Radiometric Dating).  OE
    • Answers in Creation - Greg Neyman:  Another big, complex website;  to see what's available, two good starting places are Rebuttals for Young Earth Science and YE Ministries & People.   And you can just explore;  look for navigation bars (on left, right, or top) and use them.  For example, Ministries & People has general links in a top-bar, and Rebuttals has categories in the left-bar (where you can find links that aren't in the two starting-pages) for many science topics — Dinosaurs, Noah's Flood, Grand Canyon, Geology, Truth in Geology, Fossils, Ice Ages, Radiometric Dating, Dr Henke Essays,... Astronomy, Anthropology — plus other features and topics (commentaries, theology,...), and a SiteMap.  OE
    • Glenn Morton:  His homepage links you to a main page (with many topics, mainly about age but also some evolution) and a flood-page (with some extra links that aren't in the main page), and a paleontology-page that is mainly for evolution but has two links (Pollen order presents problems for the global flood, NonCatastrophic and Modern Fossilization) that aren't in the main-page or flood-page, and everything is an articles-and-index page that is comprehensive and useful.
    • Genesis Proclaimed - Dick Fischer:  His page for Biblical Creation has theology and several sections about age-science.
    • Reasons to Believe - Hugh Ross:  has resources for Age of the Earth — mainly theology, but some subsections about science: dinosaur blood, Noah's flood, radiometric dating, astronomy (Starlight & Time,...), speed of light, shrinking sun, Paluxy footprints, God's patience. Other science resources (about Big Bang,...) are scattered in other parts, mixed with theology pages.
    • God and Science - Rich Deem:  Scroll halfway through Biblical Creation to two "scientific rebuttal" sections, which include a set of responses to claims of young-earth science by Matthew Tiscareno.
    • Ross Taylor:  links for Age of the Earth and The Flood.
    • Lord I Believe - Hill Roberts:  links for Age of Creation.
    • Stephen Jones:  He doesn't have much on age-science, but has YEC problems and sitemap.