Integrity of God's creation

by Keith Miller, Ph.D.

    I believe it is very important to recognize the works of God in the natural realm, His creation, as a source of truth about the Creator.  Faith in a rational orderly God whose created works are orderly and comprehensible to those creatures in whom He invested His image is foundational to the practice of modern science.  If the natural world does not contain a reliable record of its past history, on what basis can it be studied and to what purpose?  Even more significantly, what would such a world communicate about the character of its Creator?
    God's creation, as a revelation to His creatures of who He is, should provide an accurate record of God's creative activity: of the way the universe actually was and is.  Progressive change through time, whether in cosmology, geology, or biology is the overwhelming conclusion from a reading of the creation record.  Placed within this context, any "creation with age" scenario is untenable.
    A true and potentially comprehensible record of creation affirms the meaning of both natural history and human history.  Christianity is fundamentally a historical religion, and our understanding of God is based on His historical interaction with His people.  Human history flows backward seamlessly into natural history, and anything which brings into question the validity of the latter threatens also our confidence in the former.  As stated by Menninga, "...if we accept the concept of 'apparent age,' we are left with no assurance of the reality of any history whatever." [3]  The integrity of creation upholds the trustworthiness of God's character.  The God revealed in nature is the same God who has revealed Himself in scripture and in human flesh — that is, the God of history and the God of truth.

[3] Clarence Menninga, quoted from Creation, Time, and Apparent Age (PSCF, 1988)

"Integrity of God's creation" is one section in The Theological Implications of an Evolving Creation by Keith Miller.

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