Teacher Education
    at Wheaton College

    The Public Schools home-page says,
   "Wheaton College helps its students become agents of beneficial change — consistent with their Christian faith, principles, and love — when they teach in public and private schools."

    The purpose of this page is to give you a useful guide to the teacher ed program at Wheaton, without cluttering up the home page with too much detail.

    There are two main pages.  Here are my suggestions:

    Department Overview (4.2 k):  read all of it, beginning with historical background about Wheaton's commitment to improving public (and private) education, followed by an overview of the department's philosophy/mission and teacher education program.

    Conceptual Framework (21 k plus references):  read the introduction, and the beginning and end of each section;  all of it is worth reading — it's densely written, with careful thought, is packed with lots of good ideas in a relatively short paper — but this reading strategy will give you a quick feeling for what's in it, then you can return and read all of it (or at least your favorite parts) more completely and closely.  /  and the page ends with a link to an expanded version of the Conceptual Framework

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