St. Louis Academies

    The School Choices home-page says,
   "The St Louis Academies, started by inner-city black ministers, are an example of charter schools arising from a religious community's response to local needs.  You can read the fascinating story of these non-religious schools and their visionary leaders: a bishop and a marine."

    This page is a guide to "the fascinating story."

    Here is what happened and why:  Sunday School and Beyond: black ministers start schools to fill in gaps by Craig Savoye for The Christian Science Monitor, January 29, 2002.  (7.2 k)

    More about the political context (*):  The Bishop and the Marine for the Wall Street Journal, August 28, 2001.  (5.2 k)  * Yes, they now have a charter sponsor, the University of Missouri at Rolla. [the link no longer works --]

    More of the fascinating details in a four-part series by King Kaufman for Salon, beginning October 29, 2001.  (5.1 k per page, average)
    1. Tuition-free, back-to-basics, inner-city private schools
    2. "It's a passion to work with impoverished learners."
    3. "We're operating on a shoestring, there's no doubt," Daniels says.
    4. "A lot of times these unfriendly streets don't allow you to be disciplined, you can get caught up."

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Worldviews and Religion in Public Schools