A Study of
    Charter School Accountability

    The PUBLIC SCHOOLS home-page says,
   "Since charter schools achieve autonomy by agreeing to accountability, an important question is: How can we accurately evaluate students' performance (what they know and can do) and a school's teaching quality, and do this in a way that enhances, not hinders, a school's freedom and effectiveness?  This crucial challenge is described in three papers: medium-short (summary of national study), long (by Richard Rothstein), and medium (by Melissa Steineger)."

    This page is a guide to the medium-short paper, A Study of Charter School Accountability:  I suggest looking at the title page(s) to convince yourself that this was a major project, with lots of careful thought and work invested, and that it's worth reading the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY on pages vii-x.  Later, you can look at the Table of Contents (pages v-vi) for the full report, and if any parts of it look especially interesting and/or useful, the individual chapters are available (in PDF or Word) on this links-page.

If your browser can't handle the PDF file (of the "medium-short paper"), click here for tips on what to do.

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