This is the second part of Robert Newman's annual report for the ASA Creation Commission in 2003:

      Besides sponsoring this symposium [for the ASA annual meeting in 2003, described earlier in the report], the Creation Commission (CC) met once this past year, at the national ASA meeting at Colorado Christian University, Lakewood, CO, the evening of July 27.  This was a joint meeting with the Science Education Commission (SEC), in agreement with a request from the SEC last year.
      The meeting was convened at 9:12 pm, with SEC chair Craig Rusbult presiding.  CC chair Bob Newman took notes.  Though some attendees drifted in and out, the maximum number in attendance at any one point in the meeting was 26.
      An invitation was made to those present (and those who read these minutes) for anyone who would like to volunteer to serve as newsletter editor for either of the commissions.  Bob Newman is currently handling this task for the CC (but would be glad to hand over the responsibility), and there is none for the SEC.  There were no takers at the meeting, though anyone interested is invited to contact the relevant commission chair.  It was suggested that commission newsletters might be more efficiently distributed by email, or perhaps even better, by e-mail notice that the newsletter is posted on the ASA site.  This would save considerable printing and mailing expense.
      The ASA Newsletter editors are looking for news items.  A copy of these minutes will be sent to them as well as to ASA Director Don Munro and SEC chair Craig Rusbult.  Bob Newman will also send a brief report on this year’s CC symposium “Divine Action in Nature” to the ASAN.
      The Creation Commission, having sponsored a symposium this year, will not plan to do another before 2005 or later.

      The main reason for having a joint meeting of the SEC and CC this year was to discuss input for the ASA website in the section sponsored by the SEC (  SEC chair Craig Rusbult is starting to put up materials, re: science education, for the website.  Bob Newman, as Director of the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute (IBRI), suggested that the SEC should feel free to borrow or make links to any of the items on the IBRI website (  Carl Resler also has a good bit of relevant material on his website at
      Some discussion followed on what ASA members are already doing that would be relevant to science education.  The ASA Lay Education Project was mentioned, as well as the CC statement on creation.  There are already a number of items on the main ASA website (  Some of the materials presented in the video “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” might also be helpful.
      Craig noted that the Creation/Evolution issue continues to be one of high interest, even though the SEC would not want to limit their materials to this topic.  On this topic, Craig suggested the SEC web section would like to present the variety of positions out there, with links to the best websites espousing each view.  Some discussion followed on the amount of space to give to young-earth views, with the conclusion that probably only one site should be listed, but one which YEC proponents think is best.  Some other topics to be included in the SEC section of the ASA website would be a section on worldviews, on the science, theology and teaching of origins, on the nature of science, and on various educational matters.
      Some discussion followed on how we could get more hits on the ASA website.  Besides trying to get links for other websites, the addition of meta-labels (giving key words) has proved helpful on a number of other websites.
      Craig presented the need to tap creative people to contribute to the website.  There was a time of discussion on how the commissions could aid in recruiting new ASA members.  The consensus seemed to be that this was not particularly a commission item, but that more would likely happen if individual members and the affiliation as a whole took various actions.  It was suggested that:  (1) ASA seek to reach out to HS science teachers and educators; that  (2) the ASA prepare a poster ad for ASA that could be put up on the website in Adobe Acrobat, which ASA members (particularly college faculty) could then print out on their own computers and post at their schools; that  (3) the ASA consider granting free first year memberships to college students or even free trial memberships to anyone interested.

The meeting adjourned at 10:08 pm.