Discipline Categories
for the Journal of the
American Scientific Affiliation
and Perspectives on
Science and Christian Faith

This list includes all the (approximately 94) entries that may be found in the ASA Journal data base fields "Disciplines". Searches of these keywords are not case-sensitive, so capital letters need not be typed. In the usual "scan across" search, only enough of the desired keyword need be entered to distinguish it from all others.

Discipline categories are limited to actual occupations for which people can be employed. This has admittedly given the list a somewhat "professional" bias. In some cases these words may also appear in the keyword data lists as well as the discipline field, so you may wish to specify these words in keyword searches.

The on-line version of the database will be searched for these keywords by clicking on the hyperlinked keyword.

agriculture anatomy animal behavior
anthropology archaeology astrology
astronomy Biblical studies biochemistry
bioethics biography biology
biophysics botany biotechnology
brain research broadcasting business
chemistry church history communications
computer science cosmology counseling
ecology economics education
engineering environmental science ethics
ethnology ethology evangelism
fine arts genetics genetic engineering
geography geology geophysics
government hermeneutics historiography
history history of science information science
journalism jurisprudence law
linguistics literature logic
management mathematics medical ethics
medicine military science ministry
missions music nuclear physics
nutrition optics paleoanthropology
paleontology penology philosophy
philosophy of science physical education physics
physiology politics preaching
psychiatry psychology psychotherapy
publishing radiation biology recreation
religion research resource studies
scholarship science social work
sociology space science statistical science
statistics systems analysis taxonomy
teaching technology theology
translation zoology