Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 70 Number 1    March 2018

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 Interpreting What We See through the Sciences, Scripture, and PSCF        [PDF] 1 Peterson, James C. Editorial
2017 Peer Reviewers   [PDF] 2   Acknowledgment
Surveying the Relationship between Views of Scripture and Attitudes toward Science [PDF] 3 Yu, Chong Ho, William Whitney, Emily Brown, Siyan Gan, and Hyun Seo Lee Article
The Overlooked Science of Genealogical Ancestry [PDF] 19 Swamidass S. Joshua Article
“Fallen” and “Broken” Reinterpreted in the Light of Evolution Theory [PDF] 36 Janssen Luke Jeffrey Article
The Nuts and Bolts of Creation   [PDF] 48 Murphy, George L. Article
Book Reviews   [PDF] 60   Book Reviews

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