Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 69 Number 2    June 2017

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Asilomar II: The Ongoing National Academy of Sciences Report on CRISPR        [PDF]  65 Peterson, James C. Editorial
Medicine and Miracles: Cancer and Cures [PDF]  67 Birbeck, Michael A., and Douglas A. Lauffenburger Article
Creating a Medium for Exploring the Implications of Science:
 Edgar Allan Poe and the First Science Fiction
[PDF] 76 Poe, Harry Lee Article
The Evolution of Creation Science, Part 2: Beneficial Mutations [PDF] 87 Senter, Philip J. and Jared J. Mackey Article
Review of Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics by Robert J. Marks II,
 William A. Dembski, and Winston Ewert
  [PDF] 99 Isaac, Randy Review, Response, Rejoinder
Meeting Chaitin’s Challenge: A Response to Randy Isaac’s Review
 of Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics
  [PDF] 104 Marks, Robert J., II Review, Response, Rejoinder
Rejoinder   [PDF] 108 Isaac, Randy Review, Response, Rejoinder
Book Reviews   [PDF] 110   Book Reviews

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