Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 69 Number 1    March 2017

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Science and Scientism        [PDF]    1 Peterson, James C. Editorial
2016 Peer Reviewers   [PDF]    2   Acknowledgment
Cognitive Science of Religion and Christian Faith: How May They Be Brought Together? [PDF]    3 Barrett, Justin L. Article
The Nature of Experience: Empirical Considerations and Theological Ramifications [PDF] 13 Sears, Robert E. Article
The Evolution of Creation Science, Part 1: Vestigial Structures and Biological Degeneration [PDF] 27 Senter, Philip J. and Jared J. Mackey Article
Teleology and the Origin of Evolution   [PDF] 42 Garte, Sy Article
Book Reviews   [PDF] 51   Book Reviews

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