Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 68 Number 3    September 2016

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Since ASA Is Open to Dialogue, Would PSCF Publish an Article Advocating Geo-centrism?        [PDF]  145 Peterson, James C. Editorial
1941–2016: The American Scientific Affiliation at 75   [PDF] 148 Rios, Christopher M. Article
Bernard Ramm’s Scientific Approach to Theology [PDF] 155 Kim, Andrew Article
The Changing Face of the Science-Faith Dialogue in a Biomedical Arena [PDF] 165 Jones, D. Gareth  Article
The ASA Does Not Take an Official Position on Controversial Questions [PDF] 177 Gray, Terry M. Article
An Interview with Randy Isaac, ASA Executive Director, 2005–2016   [PDF] 191 Rios, Christopher M. Interview
Book Reviews   [PDF] 131   Book Reviews

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