Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 68 Number 2    June 2016

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Natural Evil and the Love of God        [PDF]    73 Peterson, James C. Editorial
An Ecological Perspective on the Role of Death in Creation   [PDF]    74 Wood, John R. Article
Natural Evil: Genesis, Romans, and Modern Science [PDF]    87 Berry, R. J. (Sam) Article
Evolution, Suffering, and the Creative Love of God [PDF]    99 Sollereder, Bethany  Article
Necessary Natural Evil and Inevitable Moral Evil [PDF] 111 Murphy, George L. Article
At The Crossroads of Science and Faith: An Astronomy Curriculum   [PDF] 119 Benecchi, Susan D., Gladys V. Kober, and Paula Gossard Communication
How the Book, Can Noah’s Flood Explain the Grand Canyon?, Came to Be   [PDF] 125 Hill, Carol A. Communication
Book Reviews   [PDF] 131   Book Reviews

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