Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 67 Number 4    December 2015

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Reviewing Book Reviews        [PDF] 233 Peterson, James C. Editorial
Living Relationally with Creation: Animals and Christian Faith   [PDF] 235 McFarlane, Keri Article
God’s Creation Wild and Violent, and Our Care for Other Animals [PDF] 245 Southgate, Christopher Article
C. S. Lewis and Animal Experimentation [PDF] 254 Gilmour, Michael J.  Article
Deep History, Amnesia, and Animal Ethics: A Case for Inter-Morality [PDF] 263 Deane-Drummond, Celia Article
The Ways of Jesus and Science at an IVGCF Meeting   [PDF] 272 Fleenor, Matthew C. Communication
Book Reviews   [PDF] 277   Book Reviews
Important Development Concerning the Impact of Fracking   [PDF] 304 Touryan, Kenell J. Letter to the Editor

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