Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 66 Number 1    March 2014

Complete March 2014 Issue        [PDF]           
March 2014 Index   [PDF]      
March 2014 Table of Contents   [PDF]      
Have I Got a Job for You        [PDF] 1 Peterson, James C. Editorial
Reviewers in 2013   [PDF] 1   Reviewers
Physics at the Theological Frontiers [PDF] 2 Mann, Robert B. Article
A Personal God, Chance, and Randomness in Quantum Physics [PDF] 13 Faries, Dillard W. Article
Two Interlocking Stories: Job and Natural Evil and Modern Science and Randomness [PDF] 23 Carlson, Richard F. and Jason N. Hine Article
Can Natural Laws Create Our Universe? [PDF] 35 Chan, Man Ho Article
Delight in Creation: The Life of a Scientist   [PDF] 40 Crouch, Andy Communication
Book Reviews   [PDF] 47   Book Reviews
A Correction to the Review of Russell, Time in Eternity   [PDF] 64 Padgett, Alan Letter to the Editor

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