Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 66 Number 4    December 2014

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Perfection Is Elusive        [PDF] 193 Peterson, James C. Editorial
New Findings in Environmental Science and Their Implications for Christians   [PDF] 194 Boorse, Dorothy Article
Marine Capture Fisheries—A Call to Action in Response to Limits, Unintended Consequences, and Ethics [PDF] 203 Sluka, Robert D., and Paul Simonin Article
Geoengineering or Planet Hacking? [PDF] 213 Srokosz, M. A. Article
Reconciliation Ecology: A New Paradigm for Advancing Creation Care [PDF] 241 Warners, David, Michael Ryskamp, and Randall Van Dragt Article
Climate Science and the Dilemma for Christians [PDF] 236 Morton, Donald C. Article
Christian Action in the Face of Climate Change   [PDF] 242 Ackerman, Thomas P. Article
The Gospel Is Always Bigger   [PDF] 248 Bowen, John P. Communication
Book Reviews   [PDF] 251   Book Reviews
Concordism vs. Context   [PDF] 263 Seely, Paul H. Letter to the Editor

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