Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 65 Number 2    June 2013

Complete June 2013 Issue        [PDF]           
June 2013 Index   [PDF]      
June 2013 Table of Contents   [PDF]      
Accurate        [PDF] 73 Peterson, James C. Editorial
Do the Polls Show That Science Leads to Atheism? [PDF] 75 Curry, Eugene A. Article
In Defense of Uniformitarianism [PDF] 79 Gordon, Bruce L. Article
Background Beliefs, Ideology, and Science [PDF] 87 van der Meer, Jitse Article
Stewarding the Gift of Land: Christian Campuses as Land Management Models [PDF] 104 Steensma, Karen M. M., David R. Clements, John R. Wood, Randall Van Dragt, adn Ben Lowe Article
Engaging the Evangelicals of Peru in Creation Care   [PDF] 116 González, Walter L. Communication
Book Reviews   [PDF] 123   Book Reviews
"Hard" and "Soft" Methodological Naturalism   [PDF] 144 Mallon, Jordan Letter to the Editor
Clarifying "Hard" and "Soft" Methodological Naturalism   [PDF] 144 Applegate, Kathryn Letter to the Editor

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