Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 65 Number 4    December 2013

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All Together Now        [PDF] 217 Peterson, James C. Editorial
Suggestions for Thinking and Talking about Science and Religion from the Soviet Resonance Controversy, a Chemical Counterpoint to Lysenkoism [PDF] 219 Contakes, Stephen M. and Garrett Johnson Article
Emergence: A Biologist’s Look at Complexity in Nature [PDF] 233 Cook, Harry Article
Evolution and Imago Dei [PDF] 242 Garte, Sy Communication 
The Cambrian Explosion: How Much Bang for the Buck? [PDF] 245 Stearley, Ralph Essay Book Review
Book Reviews   [PDF] 258   Book Reviews
Book Notice   [PDF] 275   Book Notice
Index: Volumes 63–65, 2011–2013   [PDF] 276   Index

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