Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 64 Number 3    September 2012

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September 2012 Index   [PDF]      
September 2012 Table of Contents   [PDF]      
Writing for an Interdisciplinary Journal        [PDF] 145 Peterson, James C. Editorial
What on Earth Is God Doing? Relating Theology and Science through Biblical Theology [PDF] 147 O'Brien, Graham J. and Timothy J. Harris Article
Kenosis and the Biblical Picture of the World [PDF] 157 Murphy, George L. Article
Darwinian Theological Insights: Toward an Intellectually Fulfilled Christian Theism—Part II: Evolutionary Theodicy and Evolutionary Psychology [PDF] 166 Lamoureux, Denis O.   Article
Could We Know Reality, Given Physicalism? Nancey Murphy's Views as a Test Case [PDF] 179 Smith, R. Scott Article
Genetics and the Bible: The Curious Case of the Left-Handed Benjamites   [PDF] 190 Seevers, Boyd and Joanna Klein Communication
Book Reviews   [PDF] 192   Book Reviews

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