Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 64 Number 2    June 2012

Complete June 2012 Issue        [PDF]           
June 2012 Index   [PDF]      
June 2012 Table of Contents   [PDF]      
Anomalies Welcome        [PDF]    73   Peterson, James C. Editorial
Randomness and God’s Nature [PDF]    75   Bradley, James Article
Relating Body and Soul: Insights from Development and Neurobiology [PDF]    90   Scott, Rodney J. and Raymond E. Phinney Jr. Article
Darwinian Theological Insights: Toward an Intellectually Fulfilled Christian Theism—Part I: Divine Creative Action and Intelligent Design in Nature [PDF]  108   Lamoureux, Denis O. Article
The Human Person in Contemporary Science and Theology [PDF]  120   Franklin, Patrick S. Essay Book Review
Book Reviews   [PDF] 130   Book Reviews
Biblical Longevities: Reply to Huebner   [PDF] 143 Makous, Walter Letter to the Editor
Engineer and Scientist   [PDF] 143 Osepchuk, John M. Letter to the Editor

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