Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 64 Number 1    March 2012

Complete March 2012 Issue                    
It Takes a Team           1    Peterson, James C. Editorial
Contemplation in a Technological Era: Learning from Thomas Merton       3    Borgmann, Albert Article
Utopian Thinking in Contemporary Technology versus Responsible Technology for an Imperfect World           11    de Vries, Marc J. Article
Engineering Is Not Science         20    VanderLeest, Steven H. Article
Technology, Complexity, and Engineering Design: A Rationale for a Connectionist Approach         31    Ermer, Gayle E. Article
Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future: A Christian Imperative     41 Touryan, Kenell Article
How Should Christians Promote Sustainable Agriculture in Agrarian Systems? A Normative Evaluation     51 Dornbos, David, Jr. Article
Integrated Solar Cooking: An Underutilized Solution     62 Arveson, Paul Article
The Grand Design’s Unintended Arguments for the Existence of God     70 Poole, Charles P., Jr. Letter to the Editor
It Is Time for Advocates of Evolutionary Origins of Information to Use a More Balanced Approach     70 Touryan, Kenell J. Letter to the Editor
Biological Information and Carbon      71    Nelson, Fredric P., MD Letter to the Editor
Calculating Probabilities of Carbon-Based Biomolecules         72    Isaac, Randy Letter to the Editor

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