Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 64 Number 1    March 2012

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March 2012 Index   [PDF]      
March 2012 Table of Contents   [PDF]      
It Takes a Team        [PDF]    1    Peterson, James C. Editorial
Contemplation in a Technological Era: Learning from Thomas Merton [PDF]    3    Borgmann, Albert Article
Utopian Thinking in Contemporary Technology versus Responsible Technology for an Imperfect World [PDF]    11    de Vries, Marc J. Article
Engineering Is Not Science [PDF]    20    VanderLeest, Steven H. Article
Technology, Complexity, and Engineering Design: A Rationale for a Connectionist Approach [PDF]    31    Ermer, Gayle E. Article
Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future: A Christian Imperative   [PDF] 41 Touryan, Kenell Article
How Should Christians Promote Sustainable Agriculture in Agrarian Systems? A Normative Evaluation   [PDF] 51 Dornbos, David, Jr. Article
Integrated Solar Cooking: An Underutilized Solution   [PDF] 62 Arveson, Paul Article
The Grand Design’s Unintended Arguments for the Existence of God   [PDF] 70 Poole, Charles P., Jr. Letter to the Editor
It Is Time for Advocates of Evolutionary Origins of Information to Use a More Balanced Approach   [PDF] 70 Touryan, Kenell J. Letter to the Editor
Biological Information and Carbon [PDF]    71    Nelson, Fredric P., MD Letter to the Editor
Calculating Probabilities of Carbon-Based Biomolecules [PDF]    72    Isaac, Randy Letter to the Editor

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