Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 63 Number 3    September 2011

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September 2011 Table of Contents   [PDF]      
A Brief Excursion in Chemistry: “God-Talk” in Chemistry?        [PDF]    145    Leegwater, Arie Editorial
Evangelicals, Creation, and Scripture: Legacies from a Long History    [PDF]       147    Noll, Mark A. Article
Biological Complexity    [PDF]       159    Cook, Harry and Hank D. Bestman Article
Of Molecules and (Straw) Men: A Response to Dennis Venema’s Review of Signature in the Cell    [PDF]       171    Meyer, Stephen C. Article
Intelligent Design, Abiogenesis, and Learning from History: A Reply to Meyer    [PDF]       183    Venema, Dennis R. Article
The Two Books Metaphor and Churches of Christ    [PDF]       193    Brannan, Daniel K. Essay Book Review
Humans: The Supernatural in Nature    [PDF]       215    Alexanian, Moorad Letter to the Editor
Taking Neuroscience Seriously    [PDF]       216    Jones, D. Gareth Letter to the Editor
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