Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 63 Number 1    March 2011

Civil Discourse and the ASA        [PDF]    1    Wiseman, Jennifer Editorial
Reading Scripture and Nature: Pentecostal Hermeneutics and Their Implications for the Contemporary Evangelical Theology and Science Conversation          3    Yong, Amos Article
Kepler and the Laws of Nature          17    Gingerich, Owen Article
Sediment Transport and the Coconino Sandstone: A Reality Check on Flood Geology          25    Helble, Timothy K. Article
Design or the Multiverse?          42    Larson, Ronald Article
Establishing a Meaningful Dialog          48    Kaita, Robert
Relations Between Theological and Scientific Methodologies          51    Murphy, Nancey
Neuroscience or Neuroscientism?          69    Guta, Mihretu P. Letter to the Editor
Reaction to September 2010 PSCF Issue          70    Augustiny, Eckehart Letter to the Editor
Response to John Collins          71    McGrath, Gavin Letter to the Editor
Absolute Biblical Inerrancy Is Not Biblical          71    Seely, Paul H. Letter to the Editor
Lamoureux’ Response to Montgomery          72    Lamoureux, Denis O. Letter to the Editor
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