Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 63 Number 4    December 2011

Complete December 2011 Issue        [PDF]       
Last Call: Reflections of an Editor        [PDF]    145    Leegwater, Arie Editorial
Information, Intelligence, and the Origins of Life [PDF]    147    Isaac, Randy Article
Biological Information, Molecular Structure, and the Origins Debate [PDF]    159    Watts, Jonathan K. Article
The Evolutionary Origins of Genetic Information [PDF]    171    Freeland, Stephen Article
Chaos and Chaos-Complexity Theory: Understanding Evil Forces with Insights from Contemporary Science and Linguistics [PDF]    183    Warren, E. Janet Article
On the Relevance of the Idea of Complementarity [PDF]    193    Hammond, Percy Letter to the Editor
Biblical Longevities: Some Questions and Issues  [PDF]    215    Huebner, Donald A. Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML] [PDF]  

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