Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 62 Number 2    June 2010

Psychology, Neuroscience, and the American Scientific Affiliation        [PDF]    73    Stanford, Matthew S. Editorial
Minding Emotions: The Embodied Nature of Emotional Self-Regulation        [PDF]    75    Moes, Paul Article
Biology of Spirituality        [PDF]    89    Seybold, Kevin S. Article
Spirituality Research: Measuring the Immeasurable?        [PDF]    99    Moberg, David O. Article
Conscious Experience and Science: Signs of Transition        [PDF]    115    Trenn, Thaddeus J. Article
Peering into People’s Brains: Neuroscience’s Intrusion into Our Inner Sanctum        [PDF]    122    Jones, D. Gareth Article
The Erosion of Biblical Inerrancy, or Toward a More Biblical View of the Inerrant Word of God?        [PDF]    133    Lamoureux, Denis O.
How Far Can Science Take Us? (PSCF 61:4 [2009]: 221–32)        [PDF]    143    Guta, Mihretu P. Letter to the Editor
A Tale of Two Randomnesses (PSCF 61:4 [2009]: 221–32)        [PDF]    143    Parsons, Larry Letter to the Editor
A Good Revelation about Revelation (PSCF 62:1 [2010]: 16–24)        [PDF]    144    Seely, Paul Letter to the Editor
Story Responds to Parsons and Guta (PSCF 61:4 [2009]: 221–32)        [PDF]    144    Story, Craig M. Letter to the Editor
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